About Us

Rock Lobster is an independent Jewellery company established in 1998 by Jamie Jones and Linda Preston, their passion and vision brings you fashionable jewellery with award winning British and International designers together with great service.

For more than 22 years we have been providing beautiful jewellery collections from over 50 designers hand picked for design, quality and value for money. We have established relationships with our loyal customers and suppliers and have a wealth of knowledge of our own and at our disposal from the fantastic support we receive within the Jewellery industry. We have made thousands of customers happy with repairs, commissions, wedding and engagements, special occasions and fabulous Christmas gifts. We have enjoyed a happy team working in close relationships working hard all with the same aim to provide great service.

Regrettably in March 2020 the retail store closed for a number of reasons, it was a very difficult decision to make as we were enjoying a healthy and happy business. ( more information can be read on our blog post.) 

During Lock-down we had an increase in on-line sales and realised that we were able to maintain the same personal service in a new way.  We regret not having our beautifully displayed jewellery and the ambience and energy from the team and meeting and greeting customers.  We realise that on-line shopping does't suit everyone but we felt it was the way forward in the current climate as shopping habits are changing.

We have also been able to meet customers in their own homes/office and have had so many successful visits selling wedding rings including bespoke and repair work,  it’s been a very interesting two years and we are humbled that so many customers are very happy with our service.

We want to say a huge THANK YOU to all our staff who dedicated many years helping create the fantastic service and reputation we are proud of.  Especially to Amanda, Viv and De for helping us for almost 16 years, we will always be very grateful and wish you all well.

The future of Rock Lobster is to continue to be positive, enthusiastic and provide a personal and friendly service to all customers, Linda is on-hand to answer any and all queries. We are grateful to our customers who have supported us over the years. We plan to make changes to the website and to continue to provide exciting Jewellery for you and your loved ones. 

Always happy to help, just send us an email.